Thursday, August 14, 2008

All for One!

The BBC world service has a wide range in its programming that makes listening a pleasure. Although the hourly replay of the same news for six or seven hours can be such a bore . Saturday that's what our radio was on and this interesting story caught my ears.

Alexander Dumas created the Three Musketeers, Count of Monte Cristo and over 200 other works. Recently, someone discovered a lost manuscript and that too is being published. The French President has said that "his books have done more to teach French history than any number of academics".

It was quite a surprise to learn that his grandma had been a Haitian slave. This is significant and the article acknowledges that, noting that "his prodigious success was achieved in the teeth of the racial prejudices of the day".


Mrs. Laughing Pants said...

You post reminded me of my earlier years growing up in Jamaica. There was a story on the radio that caught my fancy "Dulcemenia Your Life In Town." This was a favorite story children all across the island listen to and discussed the next day. This story build conversation and got students excited about learning. Thanks for sharing your blog. Cheers!

JackMandora said...

Welcome mrs laughing pants,

Dulcemena! That was a long time ago. After that we had other local productions like C-Bert and Wrong Move. Right now the only loaclly produced radio dramas are docu-dramas or promotional features.

Glad I triggered a happy memory. Do come back for more.