Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where are You Now?

This one started off something of a drag but soon captured my attention. It's about a promising young man who disappears and soon after begins to make annual calls to his mother on mother's day. That story line by itself is intriguing. For a while I felt like Mary Higgins Clarke was taking things too wide and wasn't going to be able to tie things up, but she managed quite well. I didn't suspect the vilian till almost when she was about to reveal him, or even how the story would turn out until close to the end, but that's just me - someone from a big city like New York and with some knowledge of how the wealthy live, would have picked it up sooner.

The major questions this novel poses are how well can we know even our own? And, what do you do if you even suspect that someone in your family is a sociopath?