Monday, August 18, 2008

Black Albino

In this historical novel, Nambo Roy does for the Maroons what Peter Abrahams does for the Arawaks; he gets up close and personal with a people forgotton by most other creative writers. The only other Jamaican writier I know to have bothered about them is Vic Reid in Young Warriors.

Black Albino is something of a thriller; fast moving, goes into the scene of the battle, and naturally there is a pretty girl in it. But instead of impossible car chases on busy streets and bombs exploding in crowded areas, what you will find is runaway slaves protecting their mountain fortress, lots of bow and arrow action, ambush, fire.

A maroon chief is astonished when his son is born 'white'. Everyone feels like a curse is brought upon the village, and this brings his leadership into question. The boy and his mother are ostracised by the whole community. But the boy has inherited his father's courage, tenacity, and shrewdness, and in the end it is he who leads them to victory.

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