Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I made it to one hundred!

As of sometime last night I've had three figures on my stats counter! So now, being pleased as a puss with milk on her whiskers, I'm displaying my stats on the site. Purr.

That being said, I know half of those people clicked in and then out immediately. A quarter of them scrolled down and then clicked out. Maybe ten percent read a post. Five percent are repeat visitors. At least one percent actually read my blog through! (Thanks Geoffery!)

For me quality is better than quantity- though you wouldn't guess by the way I'm preening. So I'm about to tweak my strategy for getting traffic so that I get readers not clickers. I'm not going to adjust my content; I'm bogging about books and writing. But I am going to try to make my posts more interactive starting now.

What about you, how do you balance getting quality and quantity in your readership?

7 comments: said...

Another great post by Jack Mandora will always bring repeat readers!

Geoffrey's Place said...

It's a bit like that film, "The field of Dreams" Jackie. "Have faith and they will come!"

It's a slow process. My blog has been going for four months now. I felt really despondent at the outset as I had no readers at all...but they started to arrive. Now I even have friends like you who visit lots! Thank you.

It will come together soon. According to my stats, I get about 40 readers a day now of which 55% are new visitors, and it's been climbing month on month. Loyal viewers will return because the content is good and you interest them as a person. The other Geoffrey is absolutely on the button!

PS Why doesn't your blogger account let me sign in as my website? Most others do. My blogger account relates to a French site where I am one of about ten contributing authors. :)

Stephen Bess said...

If your talking about literature and writing then I'm here! :)

JackMandora said...

Geoffery Philp: Thank you!

Geoffery from Geoffery's Place:

I've been over for a visit. Did I notice that award before? Congratualtins!

Stephen Bess: Welcome. Is that a book you're reading in that Pic? :)

Daisy Soap Girl said...

Congrats on reaching 100 and I do admit even though I'm a friend I find myself clicking and not leaving a post. Why you ask? I don't know. I just didn't think to leave one. With my Blog, I just write what comes to mind and didn't consider whether anyone cared. Isn't that sad? Should I be concerned? But I do care about your Blog and I will comment.

Lucy from Hoeno said...

I think the best quality readership we've gotten has all come from Blog Catalog. It's a great place to connect with other bloggers and blog savvy people. I'm glad you found us on there. You have a great site. Keep it up!

People with Cameras said...

I think I'm #166. Cool! :) Congrats!