Friday, May 29, 2009

Jackass seh de worl no level

Jackass is not widely known for his mental acumen, in fact somewhere along the line his name became synonymous with 'idiot' as in the famous quotes below.

“Every woman should have four pets in her life. A mink in her closet, a jaguar in her garage, a tiger in her bed, and a jackass who pays for everything.” Paris Hylton

"Any jackass can kick down a barn, but it takes a good carpenter to build one” Sam Rayburn

But as Mark Twain suggests, poor Jackass has been maligned; “Concerning the difference between man and the jackass: some observers hold that there isn't any. But this wrongs the jackass.”

Now take this astute observation by Jackass; "de worl no level". Jackass is simplifying the Orwellian remark that "all men are created, equal but some are more equal than others". As far as Jackass can see, disadvantage and privilege are both as much part of life as hill and gully are part of the natural terrain here in Jamaica.

We use this expression when we come across unfairness, depending on the context we might also say "Puss and dog nuh have the same luck".


Stephen Bess said...

Interesting and true. Besides that, I just love the wisdom of good plain folk in the community. How have you been?

Jacqueline Smith said...

Hi Sthephen,
I've been bogged down with the daily grind and some troubles and preparing for a major change, so I haven't had the chance to do any gung ho blogging, but generally I'm fine. Thanks for checking.

Yeah, old proverbs, sayings, superstitions- the whole gamut is so much part of my everyday life, I decided to feature it here. I'll be chatting with my peers or even people younger than myself and an old saying will inevitably crop up. We use them to help us make sense of our experiences. This is something fantastic when you think of the major influence of the international media, our (mostly) Eurocentric education; you'd think that the old folkways wouldn't feature so prominently.

Anyway, you walk good :-)

...and good duppy follow you, as the rest of that saying goes.

Jdid said...

yep couldnt agree more

Abeni said...

Jackass was so right yes.