Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trumpets, drums and applause!

Today, I am thrilled to accept and pass on not one, not two, but all of three awards! Do share the love and make some friends.

First, thanks to Del for this lovely award:

It translates the "Friendship Around the World Award". Although the blogosphere is teaming with bloggers (technoratti says it's tracking over 100 million), it's very easy to never actually connect with people. So I'm very happy to pass on this award to eight people I like a lot (who will each do the same) . Lots of hugs to you:

Kyt (you'll just love her 'about me' at blog catalog)

Thanks Geoffery for these other two awards. The interaction has been wonderful. I was recently reminded of the rest of that Jamaican parting phrase;
Walk good
and [may] good duppy
walk wid you.

When I heard my colleague say it, I thought I must let you know, all this while I've been invoking good spirits! Scared?
But this is an award ceremony, let's get on with the show.

The Arte Y Pico award

originated here and the term Arte Y Pico according to the originator of the award "translates into a wonderful phrase in Mexico, “lo maximo.” .... will never find its counterpart in English, but if it HAD to, it would be something like, Wow. The Best Art. Over the top."
Here are the rules:

1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also for contributing to the blogging community, no matter what language.

2. Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.

3. Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.

And the Arte Y Pico award goes to:

1. Dorothy, who has the blog that I would want to do about my family and about Jamaica if only I knew how, I might do it yet, now that she's showing me! A Fantastic treasure.

2. Stephen, who offers a an interesting mix of history, literature, photography, and personal.

3. Linda, who writes with finesse and care. See for yourself here and here.

4. Louise, who writes about Carmine, a village in Italy, about motherhood, books and life. Her style of writing is quite refreshing.

5. Rethabile, who writes about his native Lesotho, its language and culture. Rethabile's comments on various blogs are usually inspiring, insightful and enriching.
And now the Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 Award goes to:

*drumroll again*

2. Megna, a thirteen year old in India who has no business to be as mature as she is
3. Deloris, a sagacious retiree who now has time to make soap at home, garden and blog. Be sure to read her "Say Bye-bye Now" post.
4. Fly Girl, whose travel blog throbs with life
5. Stunner, a foundation Jamaican blogger whose blog I used to read long before I started blogging.
Again, please pass on this award to five other deserving bloggers.
Walk good all a oonu.


Kyt Dotson said...

Aw! Award!

That is something that I've always thought about blogs and blogging is how many amazing people we have -- and how they're scattered throughout the entire world.

From blogging, even my meager experience, I've connected with people I might have never had a chance to read about. The macrocosom of our connections and conversation transcends geography and gives us way for communities otherwise undiscovered.

Blogs. Writers. Who knew? Something has to get me out of bed in the morning and away from Facebook and my cell phone.

Louise said...

Ow Wow! This is my first award. I'm thrilled that you like what I write so much that you want to mention it. Thanks so much. This is very much appreciated. I'd like to take this opportunity to say thanks to my Mum, my Dad, M. my husband, the road crew, my agent...Okay, I'm outta here to pass on the good news! Thanks again. L

Daisy Soap Girl said...

Wow Jackie thanks! I never expected two awards in one week. How nice of you to think of me. Do you remember my blog story about good karma and performing random acts of kindness? See how it comes back to you double...whether its a good deed or a bad one. And I do believe these are tears falling down my cheeks!

Jacqueline Smith said...

I think it's marvelous the way I can sit in the back of beyond (I live slightly off the beaten track) and connect with so many different kinds of people.

*all grins*

Remember that young man that I mentioned? He spent last week-end with us helping the hubby with some work that has piled up out of control. We didn't ask him to, he offered. It does come back to you double.

Fly Girl said...

Thanks Jackie! I am honored. Your blog has revealed so much about books, culture and Jamaican life. Now you've opned the door to other enlightening blogs like Ruthibelle. You have filled my 3-month blogging experience with humor and light. Thanks for including me!

Rethabile said...

Thanks very much for the award, JM. I accept it happily, and will try hard to pass it on.

Jdid said...

cool! some new links for me to check out

Geoffrey said...

Simply brilliant! Thank you and I hear the drums and trumpets I believe I'm hearing steel drums.

Thank you so much for the friendship award, Jackie. That says it best for me. Like KYT, I love the way our blogging takes you across boundaries and cultures. I have found some great friends throughout the world here, you especially. So thank you for being such a good friend too. :-)

I wrote a small piece on the progress I have made in blogging over the past five months last week. What I neglected to say was that in the past month visitors to my site have come from no less than 55 different countries. That's mind-boggling to me. Not even if one published a book would one reach such a culturally diverse audience.

Thanks for a great blog too, my food friend.

Walk good!

Geoffrey said...

My food friend? Ooops typos! Maybe that was food for the soul! LOL

I meant, my good friend. said...

Jack Mandora, thank you.

I'll definitely pass this on.


Jacqueline Smith said...

Fly Girl,
It's been my pleasure, your visits and comment have enriched my blogging experience too. I've started this blog with a limited range of books- those I can find at the Old Harbour Library, those I've read in the past, and a few that I swap with friends. As time goes by I'm hoping the constraint$ will fall away and I can really showcase the literary talent that comes out of the Caribbean.

Thanks for your company.

My pleasure.

That reminds me, I made friends with someone from Japan when I just started. She has the command of the English Language of a two year old. So she posts these pictures with captions, the results are invariably funny. I've neglected her badly. I should go back and see how her English is doing.

Maybe you were thinking of all those gastronomic responses I had towards some of your posts which required much rumination!

Geoffery Philp,
My pleasure, one love.

Stephen Bess said...

I'm a couple of days behind, but it feels so wonderful and so fresh. Thank you! This is great. I really appreciate the award. I will pass it on. Peace~

Scripter said...

I am honored to be one of your Friendship Around the World Award recipients! I have been thinking about how even though we all read others’ blogs, actually connecting with other bloggers is a rare thing. Thanks so much for the mention:)

Stunner said...

Thank you for the awards! I am truly honored, seriously! It's not everyday one gets a bigup and awards. I think I will pass on the awards during the course f the week.

Rebecca said...

I'm not sure how to collect my award, seeing as I've never gotten one before!

Anonymous said...


I was so stunned by your award that I've been spending all my time exploring its history, backtracking through the blogs of others who have received it and such, that I'm late in getting here to say thank you!

It's especially satisfying to receive it from someone whose work I admire so much. And doubling the fun is thinking about who I will pass it on to. That, of course, will require much time, prowling through blogs, searching old blogs, reading and enjoying a multitude of blogs - in other words, happily diving into a pool of words for a refreshing break from silly little things like hurricanes and jobs!

Thank you again - whenever I feel uninspired, I'll peek at my award and begin again!


Meghna said...

Thank you and am glad to receive this award from you. It's a pleasure to know that you liked my blog and am grateful to you for giving me this award. Thanks again!

Abeni said...

Opps,don't know what happened to my comment. I posted before how honored I felt to have gotten an award. Really, I am

Jacqueline Smith said...

Giving awards feels a whole lot better that getting them!

@ Meghna, sory for mispelling your name.

@ Linda, thanks for those kind words, they hold me to a certain standard!

Ruthibelle said...

omg!! I feel sooo schpechol!!

Thank you, Jackie. I appreciate it. And tp think I've been away for so long that I missed alla this excitement.

Thanks much! And I'll be sure to check out those links you suggested

Jacqueline Smith said...

Hey Ruth!
hm-hm, it was quite a party. Lot's of virtual laughter and OMGs and clinking of crystal ware. *hic*. Glad you could still catch the tail end. Cheers!

shoreacres said...

Good morning, Jackie,

I've posted my Arte y Pico blog, with more thanks to you and my five choices for new recipients. It was as much - if not more! - fun to give, as to receive. But of course, had I not received, I couldn't have given someone else the pleasure of being noted, so I thank you again for that.

And around and around we go, weaving our web. A good weekend to you, and a million thanks.

Jacqueline Smith said...

Thank you, Linda for that lovely description of my blog, I had begun to worry that it didn't have enough cohesion for people say exactly what it is about. Let's keep having having fun with words.

Dorothy Kew said...

Hey, Jackie! Thanks for the award! Sorry I haven't acknowledged it before this but I've been rather busy. And now you've reminded me that I'm once again behind with posting to my blog. Thanks again!