Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Write On Jackie!

I want to write. I mean, I want to do more than string words along in a sentence.

I will never paint. I will never play a musical instrument. I do not cook well. There is only one dance that I can do really well, and that probably doesn't count here. Ceramics, pottery, knitting, photography and singing are all out. Since there is no hope that I will have any other artistic acomplishment before I kick the bucket, I think I should write.

I must write.

This is why I started this blog. Actually I've had a few false starts. Each blog coughed and spluttered and ground to a halt after two months or so. Now that I have fairly reliable internet access, we'll see if it is an issue of commitment.

I want to write well. I want to write easily. Stylishly. I want my writing to be crisp, fresh, funny. I want to write with clarity. With candour. With finesse. With force.

To do this requires depth which comes from, among other things, a wide range of experiences. To do this requires practice.

I want to be true to myself. This is one space in which I can do that so I will. I will use my own voice. I will hone my craft and let writing be that creative expression of who I am.


Daisy Soap Girl said...

I really like this posting. It is so refreshing to hear someone speak of writing with that kind of passion...and with such short sentences. It kind of reminds me of a blog story I wrote while it was slow at my Farmers Market this weekend. It's about how I had writers block. I'm not a writer but have always wanted to be one. I guess that's because I love to read.


JackMandora said...

Thanks for saying so. I actually was planning on removing this post as I feel rather exposed with it here. But now daisy soap girl, you've gone and made me change my mind.

In case you're wondering I do have plans to liven up the look of this blog:). First thing I will do is put a picture in the header.I'm thinking of using some kind of landscpe picture of my home country or maybe a picture of some books I've read.

All the best to you with your writing.

Ruthibelle said...

I am too in love with your blog... you talk about writing the way I do! I don't even know you, but jeez... I wanna write like that too!!

What follows is (copyrighted) material from a book I'm working on that expresses the same sentiment:

"I wish I could write from my heart. I wish my heart had hands to write what it felt. I wish there were some process through which my feelings bypassed my mind and all the other regions of my body that seem to throw them into confusion, and just went straight to my hands, to my fingers, so I could write, and adequately, clearly, express what I feel.

I wish I knew what my writing voice was: you know, that style, sound and quality that is uniquely, distinctly me. I wish imitation were a difficultly acquired skill, instead of an educational necessity. I wish intelligence, uniqueness and individuality were more readily advocated and encouraged, so that more people would grow up discovering themselves – their true selves – in their own ways, instead of getting lost in a sea of shiftless imitators. Then, perhaps, perchance, maybe people would find themselves. And I would find myself."

This is exactly how I feel about writing!!! Thank you for letting me know that I am not some self-absorbed weirdo off on a wild goose-chase...

Jacqueline Smith said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You rummaged here and there in my blog te see what treasures I have in here and I am loving you for it!

We are not the only two who feel this way about writing; since I started interacting with other budding writers through blogging, I began to discover that this yearning, this compulsion to find the right words and package them lovingly is shared.

So instead of deleting the post- because I was feeling like such a weirdo for having the thoughts and feelings expressed there- I left it with the hope that the right readers will come along and find it. And sure enough here you are.

Did I say thank you?