Friday, January 15, 2010


I am just sad for Haiti and Tuesday's earthquake. At the same time, the international response is just life affirming. There is plenty of good in the world.


shoreacres said...


It is a terrible thing. None of us know what to say or what to do, except to do what we can - give money, pray, share information, hope.

I am just so sad. If by any chance you should hear of an effort you think is worth publicizing, or know of something people here can do other than give money, or need any help with writing anything, please let me know. We must help each other through this.

I hope all is well with you! It's been a busy few months here, but I'm hoping to get into a nice, ordinary routine for the new year - including my blog reading!

Jacqueline Smith said...

Hi Linda,

Isn't it just heart breaking? Thanks for the solidarity, at the moment the only ways I know of helping are those that you have mentioned, but if anything comes up, I'll let you know.

All is well, I'll fill you in soon. Nice, ordinary routine? Sounds like I need to catch up on my blog reading!

Threadin' Along said...

We can all pray that they will have a relief/help system in place soon so that all the aid that is going into the country will reach everyone in need. Our church is having a benifit concert for that effort.

Be blessed

Abeni said...

Indeed. The response has been speedy and despite all our wranglings we are very much our brother's keepers.

Jacqueline Smith said...

Threading along, I'm glad to see how church groups like yours are doing what they can to help.

I know what you mean about the co-ordination on the ground. So many factors are there to hamper the relief effort.

I tell you I have the greatest respect for all the volunteers and workers who have left the comfort of their homes to go face the chance of violence, the smell of death, the whole horror....

Isn't the response amazing? We are not all hate, greed, racism, bigotry, excess. We love, we give, we sacrifice, we empathize. Hooray for human beings!

shoreacres said...

More and more I see artists and artisans coming together to put their creativity in the service of Haiti - auctions of paintings, benefit concerts, etc.

Now that some time has passed, I've finally found words to write. As time goes on, we'll need more and more creative ways to focus attention, as people grow weary of so much need and grief.

My piece is called "Tripped by the Taut Line of Life". You might enjoy it, and I hope it stirs other hearts.

Be well!

Louise said...

Appalling devastation. Doubly terrible when it's a country that is so terribly poor. I'm not surprised people are angry at the lack of help in the early days, and I hope that as time goes on, the international community will get it all together.

shoreacres said...

Hi, Jacki,

Thought I'd drop by with a good word. One of my cousins is just back home from Haiti. He's a structural engineer, and went down with five other engineers and architects to do some work evaluating some buildings that are still standing.

In addition, they are going to be working with some engineering groups, developing reasonable building codes for the country. They need something that's less than top of the line that would cost a fortune to build, but far better than what was in place before the earthquake.

They're hoping that the codes can be fast-tracked in order to begin construction on some projects as soon as possible - that means employment for people, as well as new buildings.

It's a long journey back, but it's begun.

Jacqueline Smith said...

Wow, this is good stuff, thanks for letting me know Linda.

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Whit's Blog said...

It was a very sad day for everyone who had to exsperience or hear this new!